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"Obedience to lawful authority is the foundation of manly character"

Demeterali Legal is well reputed, skilled and professionally managed law firm based in New Delhi, with the unique combination of a strong commercial practice and a developed litigation practice, the Firm is a full service law firm which works on every individual case with sheer honesty and compassion.

We are a Law firm with the sole aim of providing the best laudable legal service to our clients. Our strength lies in our team of experienced and trained lawyers who treasure the value of diligence and knowledge as well as creativity and innovation in addressing our client's needs. We always aim to offer to our clients, legal advice that meets their needs and expectations and also to act upon as sentinels for them all the time.

We also give expert advice and guidance to prospective litigants and persons who expect impending legal action against them in all legal matters, to build up the case or create documentation which may help in future legal proceedings.

As a Firm we are widely known as a pragmatic, constructive and result-oriented firm. We make full use of our experienced support personnel and the latest technology to improve the productivity of our lawyers & Associates. The underlying belief of the firm is to provide incredibly high-quality fast services at a low cost. A timely right advice could save a lot of time, efforts and costs for a client. This is where the firm utilizes its expertise and experience in creating value for its clients.

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