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We offer the following services in India and foreign countries:

  • Drafting and filing various kind of Applications, Revision Applications, Appeals, Petitions, Rejoinders, Replies, Written Submissions, etc. in any court of law.
  • Instituting and defending criminal/civil cases in any court of law.
  • Seeking relief under criminal laws like Anticipatory Bail, Regular Bail, Stay, Parole/Furlough, Reduction/Enhancement in sentence, etc.
  • Seeking relief/action by filing Habeas Corpus Petition, Special Leave Petition, Public Interest Petition, etc.
  • Representation before any State or Central Government, Ministries, Law Enforcement Agencies, Indian/Foreign Embassies, Regulatory Bodies/Institutions, Foreign Governments/Bodies, etc.
  • Appearance before any Court of Law, Commission, Tribunal in India.
  • Offering services of Arbitrator, Negotiator, Custodian, Trustee, etc.
  • Drafting and executing Pre-nuptial Agreement, Will, Affidavit, Power of Attorney, MOU, Partnership Agreement, Memorandum & Articles of Association of Company, Trust Deed, Joint Venture Agreement, Deed of Settlement, Agreement of Purchase/Sale, any kind of Trade/Business Agreement.
  • Representing interest of Foreign Companies/Foreign Nationals in India.
  • Offering any of the aforesaid services to Indian/Foreign Lawyers to strengthen their clients’ cases.
  • Offering legal advice to business houses on a continuous basis.
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